• S.E.A. Initiative

"Taco" the Pelican Safely Released After Knife Found in Stomach

July 1, 2021 - *PELICAN RELEASE!!* Our amigo "Taco" was taken into ECWR where they eventually discovered a knife in his stomach!! (pic in video)... But after a lot of love and a little surgery, he's ready to go home!

Rockin Tacos is happy to partner with Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge and help fund their new Pelican Rehabilitation Center. The sponsorship is a part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to our very own backyard through our S.E.A. initiative.

For more information about ECWR and their mission, please visit https://emeraldcoastwildliferefuge.org/


Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge's Education & Outreach Center is open to the public!

3051 Cloptons Cir, Navarre, FL 32566