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S.E.A. (Safety, Environment, Activities) is a dedicated initiative created to help protect, preserve, and enhance the beaches of the Emerald Coast.


Funding from S.E.A. helps provide additional beach safety efforts, aids in preservation and beautification initiatives, and enhances the Emerald Coast with family-friendly beachfront activities.



S.E.A. supports efforts that make our beaches safer and more accessible for everyone.  Initiatives include accessibility equipment for handicap, and walkways designated for wheelchairs. S.E.A. also supports local lifeguard programs through contributing beach safety equipment and other initiatives that make our beaches easier to enjoy.




S.E.A. assists in aiding organizations whose initiatives work in protecting and fighting for what we love – our beautiful Emerald Coast. Unpolluted water, plastic-­free shorelines, sustainable seafood, and energy consumption are all things that drive our fight for clean water and healthy beaches. S.E.A. also funds local projects whose mission is to protect our precious marine wildlife such as sea turtles, migratory birds, beach mice, and natural reefs.




The Emerald Coast beaches are perfect for creating long lasting memories for both locals and tourists. S.E.A. contributes in enhancing quality of life on the Emerald Coast with family friendly events such as Sunday church services, paddle board races, 5k runs, triathlons, fireworks, beach clean-ups, and more.

S.e.a. news & updates

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